Dual Vanos Kits for all M52tu/M54/M56...

  • All E46 6 Cylinder (Except M3)
  • E60 525i/530i
  • E39 525i/528/530i (from 10/98)
  • E53 X5 3.0i
  • E83 X3 2.5i/3.0i
  • Z4 2.5i/3.0i
  • Z3 2.5i/2.8i/3.0i
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Core Return
All US domestic vanos orders come with a pre-paid UPS return shipping label. Get your core refund quicker and with less hassle!
We typically stock the dual vanos and related parts, but if you need expedited service please contact us for availability first.
How To Order...

Add the Dual Vanos Kit to your cart  -  Read through the Additional Ordering Information  -  Select any optional maintenance items you would like to purchase from the Dual Vanos Accessories section.

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Dual Vanos

At DrVanos.com we have addressed some well known problems related to the Dual Vanos and provided solutions to those problems in a complete, ready to install kit. Each dual vanos is fully rebuilt using modified bearings along with high-performance Viton O-rings and Teflon seals that will not only eliminate the vanos rattle, but also restore lost power due to worn out internals. Our vanos units will stand up to more abuse than the stock units, and will last the life of the car.

Dual Vanos

Dual VanosFully cleaned and rebuilt vanos unit with new Viton O-rings and Teflon seals installed. In addition, we rebuild the internal bearings and reduce the tolerances to eliminate the 'marbles in a tin can' noises. The kit also includes a new vanos gasket and crush washers. Also available for the M56 Ultra Low Emissions (ULEV) California model.

Price: $425 ($275.00 plus a fully refundable $150 core charge)

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Additional Ordering Information


Core Return

We have made it even easier to return your core to us! All Vanos units come with a pre-paid UPS return shipping label included in the box. Simply use the provided zip-loc bag for the vanos, place the included shipping label over the original label and drop it off at your local UPS Store. Please note that shipping prices at checkout include the cost of the return label. *US Customers Only

Installation Info

We have created a specialized installation document for the Dual Vanos kit which can be downloaded from the menu at the left. Instructions are in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view or print them.

Tool Kit Rental

The Dual Vanos installtion does not require any special cam timing tools since the cam timing is not affected when removing/installing the Vanos. We do however rent the tool kit for those that may need to reset their timing or are installing cams, etc. Contact us for more information.

What is a Core Charge?

The core charge allows us to send you a rebuilt vanos at a much lower price than a new unit would cost from the dealer. By sending out a complete, ready to install vanos the customer has the ability to replace their vanos as quickly as possible and then return their old vanos for the core refund. This helps to keep your downtime to a minimum so you can get back on the road without waiting for parts.

The Dual Vanos core charge is $150

We ask that you return your old vanos unit to us as quickly as possible. Once we receive your complete core we will immediately refund the full core charge amount back to your Paypal or Credit Card account.


Cores must be complete and in good condition to receive a full refund.

Payment Information

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal or Google Checkout. In addition we can take your credit card information over the phone if you prefer. Any core or tool deposit refunds will be applied back to your Paypal or credit card account for quick processing without any fees.


Parts and Accessories...

Peake Code Reader

Peake Research Engine Scan/Reset tool. Able to read fault codes, reset Check-Engine light, Service-Engine-Soon light, SRS, Oilservice and Inspection Lights.

  • Displays BMW engine fault codes; Helps diagnose exactly what's wrong.
  • Resets the "Check Engine/Service Engine Soon" Light.
  • Resets the Oil Service and Inspection lights.
  • Includes complete instructions, code booklet and storage case.
  • Adaptor not needed in most cases. See application diagram below.

Price: $145.00 - $189.00

Click on the image below for application diagram.

Select Model::

Tool Kit Rental

Tool KitThe M52tu/M54 tool kit rental includes all required tools for cam replacement/alignment including the cam locking blocks, vans alignment plate, timing chain tensioner, and sprocket alignment tool. Rental fee is $50.

Price: $300.00 deposit + $50 rental fee

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Oil Filter

Mann OEM oil filter kit Oil Filters

Price $10.00

Enter Model/Year:

Valve Cover Gasket Kit

Complete Valve Cover Gasket Kit (seal washers sold separately below) Tool Kit

Price $42.00

Select Model:

Valve Cover Seals

Complete set of 15 valve cover seal washers VCG Seals

Price: $15.00

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Gasket Sealer

Gasket SealerVictor Reinz Gasket Sealer

Price: $17.00

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Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

Oil Drain Plug Magnetic Oil Drain Plug - Catches magnetic particles in the oil pan as the engine wears over time.

Price: $9.00

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M54 Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs NGK Replacement Spark Plugs

Price: $58.00

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Vanos Oil Line

Oil Line Vanos Oil Line

Price: $60.00

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