The D300 hub is a stock BMW hub that has been modified with heavy-duty oil pump tabs for maximum durability. The oversized tabs are designed to work with the stock oil pump disc, so drilling smaller holes in the disc is NOT required.
S54 D300 Exhaust Hub

$850.00 - In Stock Now

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Price includes $50 refundable core deposit

Complete set of bolts for the cams gears. The stock cam bolts can loosen and should be checked 'while you're in there'.
Note tightening torque of 12Nm(9 ft-lb) Loctite included.
S54 Cam Bolts

Price: $30.00

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The S54 Noise Reduction Kit is designed to reduce excessive valve train noise that's commonly found on the S54 engine. The kit includes:

  • 1 new exhaust modified splined gear (with anti-rattle modification)
  • 2 new REM polished cam sprockets
  • 2 new spring plate sets

S54 Noise Reduction Kit

Price: $225

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Flexible high performance oil line replaces the stock hard line to prevent failures from stress cracks. Includes mounting tabs for a clean installation, a heat shield to protect the line from the exhaust headers and new crush washers.
S54 Oil Line

Price: $60.00

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The S54 modified intake gear includes the anti-rattle kit and is sold with a $100 core deposit. Intake side only.
S54 Intake Gear

Price: $100 + $100 core deposit

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