E36 Single Vanos

At DrVanos.com we have addressed all the well known problems related to the U.S single vanos engines and provided solutions to those problems in a complete, ready to install kit. Each vanos is fully rebuilt using modified bearings to eliminate the dreaded rattling noises, then high-performance Teflon seals and Viton O-rings are installed to restore lost power and increase the life of the unit. Our vanos units will stand up to more abuse making them ideal for everything from daily drivers, to track cars, race cars, and forced induction applications.

  • The Single Vanos fits all M50/M52 & S50/S52 engines.

    • E36 6-Cylinder
    • E34 525i
    • E39 528i (up to 9/98)
    • E39 520i/523i (Euro)
    • Z3M 3.2 S52 (US/ Euro)
    • Z3 2.8 M52 (US/ Euro)
    • E34 520/525i/ix
    • E38 728i Euro

    Does not fit the Euro spec M3. See Euro M3 page.
  • Stage I

    The Stage I was designed as an easy to install kit for daily driven street cars. It consists of a fully cleaned, rebuilt, and tested vanos unit that is ready to install. New, high-quality Viton O-rings and Teflon seals are also installed in every unit to provide the best performance and longest life.

    Stage II

    The Stage II builds off of the Stage I kit and adds an additional level of performance upgrades that allows the vanos to work more efficiently. This is done by adding low friction coated cam gears and thrust plates to the Stage I kit.
  • Refundable Core Charge

    The core charge allows us to send you a rebuilt vanos at a much lower price than a new unit would cost from the dealer. By sending out a complete, ready to install vanos the customer has the ability to replace their vanos as quickly as possible and then return their old vanos for the core refund. This helps to keep your downtime to a minimum.
    All US domestic vanos orders come with a pre-paid UPS return shipping label so you can get your core refund quicker and with less hassle!
  • Installation Documents

    We have created specialized installation documents for the Stage I and Stage II kits and offer tool kit rental as well. Click to download the installation docments below...
Stage I Vanos

Price: $375 ($275 plus a refundable $100 core deposit)

The Single Vanos comes as a fully rebuilt vanos unit with modified bearings to eliminate the dreaded 'Vanos Rattle'. Every vanos also comes with new high-performance Viton O-rings and Teflon seals installed to restore lost power and improve gas mileage... two solutions in one package!

The Stage I Vanos price includes a fully refundable $100 deposit. You can return your old vanos to us using the supplied UPS return label in the box and we will refund your $100 deposit to you within 1-2 business days for a net price of $275.
Stage II Vanos

Price: $600 ($400 plus a $200 refundable core deposit)

The Stage II kit adds REM coated cam gears and thrust washers which will further reduce chain noise and cut down on friction, allowing the vanos to work with less effort. This is a great upgrade for any car that sees more than the typical daily commute, and will stand up to the abuses of Auto-x and Club Racing or Forced Induction applications.

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